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Akahane Ayane
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Akahane ayaneProf
Akahane Ayane
Akahane Ayane
SeasonSky Pretty Cure Series
Birthday DateJanuary 20th
Eye ColorDark red
Hair ColorDark red
Home PlaceFeather-Castletown
SeiyuuYuko Minaguchi
ChildrenAkahane Ruby

Akahane Robin

Akahane Ayane is a minor character of the Sky Pretty Cure Series. Ayane is not just the calm spot of the family and co-owner of the Feather Bell, she is also, of course, Ruby and Robin’s mother. She wants both to help at the Feather Bell equally, so none of them feels left out or treated badly compared to the other. Ayane is calm and nice but gets angry easily when Ruby tries to skip her shift, knowing that Robin has to do it for her. Ayane is usually the one who punishes the girls, especially Ruby.

Role in the Series

Ayane is a minor character through out the whole series. She is usually seen working at the Feather Bell and tells Ruby and Robin what to do. She takes the role of the caring mother, who can also get serious if needed. She is usually nice and calm towards most situations and gives advices what to do to Ruby and Robin. She also tries to form a good sisterly-relationship between the twins, which seems to exist since ever, even longer than the series went.




Akahane (赤羽?) - Akahane comes from Aka (?) meaning "red" and Hane (?) meaning "wing" or "feather", which could be a pun to the series' theme. Akahane means "red wings" or "red feather".

Ayane - Ayane comes from Japanese Aya (?) "colour", Aya (?) "design" or Aya (?) "kimono design" combined with Ne (?) "sound".



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