Akagemai Shun
Akagemai Shun
SeasonDivine Oracle Pretty Cure
Eye Colorred
Hair Colorred
Home PlaceUranai Market
First AppearanceDOPC01
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Change
Powerall four seasons
Theme Colorred
 Akagemai Shun is one of the main Cures from Divine Oracle Pretty Cure. She is a student from the Kiko Academy. She is a talented and famous dancer in this town. So she has to dress up if she is in public. Shun is very bad at school but don't even try to get better. Her personality is an energetic one, and she loves to have people dance with her. Her alter ego is Cure Change (キュアチェンジ Kyua Chenji) and her powers are related to the seasons. She is the reincarnation of the original oracle Themis.



Shun is an energetic girl who she loves to have people dance with her. She also is very talented. Shun has a typical leader personality. She loves sweets and could eat a lot of them. She is good in sports to. But she prefers to dance.


Tomorui Rina - Shun's best friend since childhood.

Onseikoro Kumiko -

Kiokusama Mami -

Cure Change

Powers of the Spirits of Seasons! Spring Summer Autumn Winter! Cure Change!
Kisetsu no rei no chikara! Shunkashūtō! Kyua Chenji!

Cure Change (キュアチェンジ Kyua Chenji) is Shun's Cure alter ego. Her powers are related to all four seasons. Change is noticeable more serious than Shun, and her voice changes slightly as well. She gains more strength. Alone, Cure Change can use four different attacks, which are Spring Breeze, Summer Action, Autumn Charge and Winter Wonder. After getting her Rod of Seasons she can use Season Change.

Together with Cure Epoch they can use Oracle Power. And later with Cure Epoch and Cure Memory they can use Mystical Seed Inferno


Spring Breeze -

Summer Action -

Autumn Charge -

Winter Wonder -

Season Change -


Pretty Cure Oracle Power Stream - "Pretty Cure Oracle Power Stream" is the official transformation speech used by Akagemai Shun to transform into Cure Change in Divine Oracle Pretty Cure.


Akagemai (赤毛舞) - Akage (赤毛) means Redhead or red hair and Mai (舞) means dance or dancing.

Shun (俊) - Comes from Japanese 駿 "fast" or 俊 "talented".

Cure Change - A reference to her powers which are the four seasons.




  • Cure Change is the first Cure whose power are related to all four seasons.
  • Shun and Cure Change are based on Din, the Oracle of Seasons from The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.



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