Airi Hojo
Hojo Airi
Personal Information
Hair ColorDark Yellow (Airi)

Pink(Cure Bright Happy)

Eye ColorBlue(Airi)

Yellow(Cure Bright Peace)

Theme ColorYellow(main)


Anime Information
SeasonSmile Precure! New Generation
First AppearanceSPCNG01

Airi Hojo (Hojo Airi?)is the main character of Smile Precure! New Generation.


She have a long twintail dark yellow hair color and blue mixed green eyes color.


She is A fourteen year old girl who is a clumsy and shy girl, but she very good at drawing. her dream is to be Mangaka.


Naruse Sayaka- when she first meet Sayaka, she seem that is Sayaka more like her older sister.

Hojo Ayami- Airi mother

Hojo Itsuki- Airi father

Cure Bright Peace


Cure Bright Peace

"Sparkling, glittering, rock-paper-scissors! Cure Bright Peace!"

"ピカピカぴかりんじゃんけんポン ♪ キュア明るいピース!"

"Pikapika pikarin jankenpon ♪ Kyua Akarui Pīsu!"

Cure Bright Peace (キュア明るいピース Kyua Akarui Pīsu?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Airi. Cure Bright Peace has the power of Lightning. She is able to electrocute enemies by crying hard


Pretty Cure! Smile Charge! - "Pretty Cure! Smile Charge!" is the official transformation phrase used by Airi to transform into Cure Bright Peace.

First, the Smile Pact opens and Yayoi sets her ribbon Cure Decor piece into the recess. This causes her individual light to light up first, followed by the seven lights inside the Smile Pact in sequence. A background voice, "Ready?", and in response, Airi shouts out, "Pretty Cure! Smile Charge!" The Smile Pact produces a powder puff, which she taps on the Smile Pact to collect up magic powder. Yayoi claps her puff between her hands five times to spread the magic powder into the air all around her, which then forms her arm protectors, shoes and dress. Her hair color changes from light brown to bright yellow and lengthens. Her eyes become a brighter shade as well. Lastly, she pats the powder puff onto her cheeks to give a rosy glow. After transforming, Cure Bright Peace flies down from the sky, lands on her feet and recites her introductory speech.


Peace Thunder - Cure Bright Peace first charges up her Smile Pact with fighting spirit, making it glow and grant her power. Cure Bright Peace then makes a peace sign above her head, and lightning shoots down from the sky onto her hand, giving her an electric shock. She then spins around with lightning bolts circling her, concentrates the energy onto both hands in their peace signs and projects the bolt at the enemy.

Peace Thunder Hurricane - An upgraded version of Peace Thunder.


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