Aino Umeko
愛野 梅子
Aino Umeko
Personal Information
Birthday DateFebruary 14
Hair ColorDark Brown (Umeko)

Pink (Adore)

Eye ColorMagenta
Home PlaceMisora Town
RelativesAino Sachiko (mother)

Aino Shiro (father)

Alter EgoCure Adore
Theme ColorPink
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure: Lovely Times
First AppearancePCLT01
 Aino Umeko (愛野 梅子 Aino Umeko?) is the main character and leader of Pretty Cure: Lovely Times. She is a girl full of love but is too afraid to help people and becoming friends with them, thinking they'll hate her personality.

Her alter ego is Cure Adore (キュア アドー Kyua Adō?) and her catchphrase is "My heart is full of love!" (私の心は愛に満ちている! Watashi no kokoro wa ai ni michite iru!?).





Cure Adore

"Love all around! Lovely feelings, Cure Adore!"
"すべての周りの大好き!素敵な感情、キュア アドー!"
"Subete no mawari no daisuki! Sutekina kanjō, Kyua Adō!"

Cure Adore (キュア アドー Kyua Adō?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Aino Umeko.



Valentine Explosion - Cure Adore's main purification attack. She makes a heart with her fingers and says the incantion, making the heart grow larger. She says the attack name and thrusts her fingers forward, sending the heart towards her target, purifying it.

Valentine Kiss - Cure Adore's upgrade purification attack. She is granted this attack as soon as her Lovely Arrow appears.



Umeko's voice actor, Aya Uchida, as participated in many songs for the character she voices.



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