Aimi Fukui Hoshi
Aimi Fukui Hoshi
Personal Information
Hair ColorLight Brown (Aimi)

Golden Blonde (Opal)

Eye ColorBlue (Aimi)

Green (Opal)

Home PlaceOsaka (current)

Mackay, Australia (origin)

Alter EgoOpal
Theme ColorPurple
Anime Information
First AppearanceTPC01
Aimi Fukui Hoshi (愛実福井ホシ) is a member of Tomodachi Pretty Cure! and loves to surf, sing, play a variety of instruments and basketball. Aimi moved from Australia to Japan three months before becoming a Pretty Cure. However, at home her Dad calls her Stephanie - her English name - as he often forgets her Japanese name. Her alter ego is Cure Opal (キュアオパール Kyua Opāru) and her power is called petrify, as she has the ability to turn anything into stone.


Aimi is a cheerful and witty girl, who loves music, surfing, swimming, rugby league and playing basketball. She often jokes about and  outside of school you can often find her fixing cars in her Dad's automobile garage. Aimi has a love of reading science fiction and fantasy novels, though her love for books is not as strong as Kimura's - it's very deep. Aimi pulls very good grades at school, getting better grades than the ordinary student. In Osaka, Aimi feels a bit cramped after living on a huge block of land back in her home country Australia. Aimi plays the flute, is in the school band and does choir outside of school.


Aimi has light brown hair that shines gold in the sun, which she often leaves down or puts in a high ponytail. Her face, arms and legs are covered in freckles, she has pale skin and light blue eyes. Her casual outfit for winter is a trench coat over a plain red shirt, a long pair of jeans and leather lace up boots. Her casual summer outfit is a pink t-shirt, a pair of denim shorts and a pair of pink nikes.

As Cure Opal, she wears a puffy, pink dress with white high heels and opal earrings. Cure Opal has golden blonde hair, green eyes, pale skin and freckles on her face.


Cure Opal

'I've always wondered how Queen Waru can swim. I guess it's because spiders must have webbed feet! Get it??'

'Wow, that sure is a creepy crawley!'

'Never underestimate the value of friendship'


  • Cure Opal is based on GraceDavies99, who is very musical in real life, plays flute and other instruments, can't surf at all and is in one of the best choirs in her state!!

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