Aguri Kiseki
奇跡 あぐり
Kiseki Aguri
Personal Information
Hair ColorDirty Blonde (Aguri)

Light Blue (Miracle)

Eye ColorDark Blue (Aguri)

Light Blue (Miracle)

Home PlaceYamabiko City (before)

Shiranami Town (present)

RelativesMaria Kiseki (mother)
Alter EgoCure Miracle
Theme ColorLight Blue (main)

White (sub)

Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure Phoenix Prisms!
First AppearancePCPP01
Aguri Kiseki (奇跡 あぐり Kiseki Aguri)  is one of the main cures in Pretty Cure Phoenix Prisms! Her alter ego is Cure Miracle (キュアミラクル Kyua Mirakuru) and she represents time.


Aguri is a popular tennis player and is the daughter of a popular idol, called Maria Kiseki. She didn't have any friends before Konomi and the others because she wasn't very good at becoming friends with someone and is a very good singer and looks good in any clothes. Since her mother is an idol, she gets free tickets and gives the other five to the other cures. In episode 27 Aguri gets scouted to be a fashion model.


Aguri has long dirty blonde hair with a blue hair ribbon and has dark blue eyes. Her casual outfit consists of a blue long sleeved shirt with a white jumper with a hood over the top with Born to Fight written on the front, jeans and white and blue sneakers.


Before the series

Before Aguri became a Pretty Cure, she had no friends and always stayed by her mum's side, even in her rehearsals. She practiced singing and tennis and was a famous tennis player before she was 12 years old. When she started singing lesson, she met a girl named Konomi Hoshikuzu and became jealous when she saw her hanging out with friends on their first day of middle school. She started on a quest to make friends but was rejected by a lot of girls and hung out with the librarian instead.


Maria Kiseki - Maria is Aguri's mother and loves her a lot even she has to go away on tours. She loves it when she holds concerts in Shiranami Town.

Konomi Hoshikuzu - Konomi is Aguri's Pretty Cure partner. She becomes good friends with her and loves hanging out with her and showing her around her house and through tour photos.

Wonder - Wonder is Aguri's transformation mascot.

Inseki Hoshino, Inochi Modosu, Cho Hisakawa and Ellie Kagome - They are the rest of Aguri's Pretty Cure team. She get's along well with them after a few episodes.


  • Aguri is probably the first pretty cure to have a parent who is an idol and not being able to make friends till she joins the group of cures.

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