The 5 Elements!Pretty Cure! is a first fan-made series from Hino Akane.The theme is the 5 elements and sky.


The adventure starts

Unce upon a time,the people lives happily in the earth.But one day a strange enemy appearrs called Dark King.He wanted the destroy the 5 elements on the earth in the end all people will be died.A mascot Doggy who lives in the 5 Elements Kingdom are always the best helper for the 5 Elements Queen.One day the Queen wanter from Doggy to find the 5 Cures and save the earth.Doggy as always the best helper for the Queen,he comes to earth with the mission to find the Curees and save the world.The first becomes Kokone her ater ego is Cure Light and she controls the power of light.Next comes Nagisa,her alter ego is Cure Fire,Hotaru,her alter ego is Cure Thunder,and she controls the power of thunder,Michiru,her alter ego is Cure Windy and she controls the power of wind and the last is Erika,her alter ego is Cure Water and she controls the power of water.At the ends they make a name of their group and

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