This is a list of the episodes for 5★Stars Pretty Cure!.

Episode # Title Attack Villain Air Date
01 Mottomo Akarui Hoshi no Tanjō!
"A Birth of The Brightest Star!"
Sirius Shine Shadowed Sirius 2020-06-18
02 Kiwotsukero! Sore wa Hoshizora Bāningu no Kyua!
"Beware! It's a Cure of The Starry Burning!"
Antares Flash Shadowed Antares 2020-06-25
03 Bureina ka Kawaī? Kyua Arufa Kentauri to Kanojo no Tokubetsuna Gazō
"Rude or Cute? Cure Alfa Centauri and Her Special Image"
Alfa Centauri Blast Shadowed Alfa Centauri 2020-06-01
04 Daishi Purikyua wa Tashika Sora desu!
"The Fourth Pretty Cure is Surely Sora!"
Vega Balance Shadowed Vega 2020-06-08
05 Seito-Kai Kaichō wa, Kudasai... Watashitachi no Saigo no Chīmumeito ni Naru!
"Student Council President, Please... Become Our Last Teammate!"
Spica Sparkle Shadowed Spica 2020-06-15
06 Watashitachi no Subete no 5! 5★Sutāsu Purikyua!
"All 5 of Us! 5★Stars Pretty Cure!"
Sirius Shine Shadowed Stars Pretty Cure 2020-06-22

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