48 family precure before transfrom

48 family precure before transfrom

this is my first fan series, this series has 4 cure they are cure captain, cure lucky, cure cute, and cure fire. The theme series is about music. This is a crossover AKB0048 and Precure.

48 Family Precure
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV 00
Original Rundecember 1 2013
Opening SongAKB48 Heavy Rotation ( episode 1 - 24 ) AKB48 Shoujotachi Yo ( episode 24 - 48 )
Ending SongAKB48 beginner(episodes 1 - 24) AKB48 River (episodes 24 - 48 )
Series Info
48 family precure! is the first fan series by Cure48. It based on thematic of the Character Traits and has 48 episodes


The story is begin when Akibara world in the trouble, a smile deco who will give hapiness in the world disappear and Akibara world become dark , Nyaruna a fairy from Akibara world search precure to help Nyaruna to find smile deco and take back Erina a princess from Akibara who disappear.can Nyaruna find 4 cure?

48 family precure title

48 family precure title


Arisawa Shiroi / Takahashi Minami / Cure Captain
Shiroi arisawa or Takahashi Minami berore transfrom as cure captain

She is Shiroi Arisawa known as Takahashi Minami or Takamina before transfrom as cure captain

She is a cool and friendly girl, Shiroi or also know As Takamina is an idol from AKB0048. she is short and good at sprot. As cure Captain she has a pink hair color and magenta eyes, her speech is " a leader of an organization, cure captain! ".

Ayako Kuroki / kashiwagi Yuki / cure lucky
Ayako kuroki or yuki kashiwagi before transfrom as cure lucky

Ayako kuroki known as yuki kashiwagi or yukirin before transfrom as cure lucky

She is a cute and friendly girl, same as Shiroi she is an idol from AKB0048. As cure lucky she has yellow hair color and eyes color, her speech is " something which can make people happy, cure lucky! ".

Chiharu Sakuragi / Kojima Haruna / Cure cute
Chiharu sakuragi as kojima haruna or nyan nyan before transfrom as cure cute

Chiharu sakuragi known as kojima haruna before transfrom as cure cute

She is cat type, she is friendly and good girl, same as shiroi and ayako she is alos an idol from AKB0048. As cure cute her speech is " a lovely personality , cure cute! ".

Kimishima Hikari / Ooshima Yuuko / Cure Fire
Hikari kimishima known as Ooshima Yuuko

she is Hikari KImishima / Ooshima Yuuko before transform as cure fire

She is a cold but friendly girl, she aims to become center nova, same as Shiroi, Ayako, and chiharu she is also an idol from AKB0048. As cure fire is " a hot round, cure fire!"

akibara world


She is a mascot of cure. She is a cat fairy from akibara


heis nyaruna brother, who also give cure power up.


She is a leader of akibara world, who dissappear.


She is a mysterious girl from Akibara who always help cure when in trouble to defeat Nani

Bad Music Land

Bad Music Trio

The member name is a japanese wrold 1, 2 , and 3.


She is a girl villain in this series, she very hate music.


She is a girl villain who always use a winter colthes.


She is the last girl villain, she like playing piano but can maks people dizzy when hear it.


The leader of Bad Music Land


A monster from Bad Music Land


idol ring

Is a ring used by shiroi, chiharu, ayako, and hikari to transfrom become precure.

Smile mix

A mix used by cure captain, cure lucky, cure cute, and cure fire to sing for defeat Nani

Smile Deco

A deco when cure finished to defeat Nani

Deco box

This is a special trunk used to store smile deco, this is has 20 place for smile deco

symphonia set

Are the devices used in 48 family precure, symphonia set can make a new song to cure sing for defeat Nani.



A planet where cure live.

Akibara world

A planet where Erina, Nyaruna, Neko, and happy live.

AKB0048 studio

Place where 00 do show

= Gallery

  • Hikari singing
  • Yuuko, takamina, nyan nyan and mayuyu singing river
  • Takamina and yuuko singing river at episode 2
  • yuuko and Takamina happy because world is save ( at last episode )
  • yuuko angry
  • Yuuko with her kirara
  • Yuuko when child


  • this is my first fan series
  • 48 Family precure is crossover AKB0048 and precure
  • the cure member name is same as anime character name AKB0048 senbatsu member.
  • Shiroi Arisawa is a leader who good at sprot same as Mana Aida, Misumi Nagisa, Hyuuga Saki , And Houjou Hibiki
  • cure attack is same as Mermaid Melody that is singing

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