100% Heroes is the name of the Smile/Let's Mirage! crossover featuring Yayoi and Sunny as they team up together.


Kise Yayoi hopes to meet her friend, Myoudouin Sunny, again, and get to experience how they battle as a duo. Yayoi asks Akane if she knows where Sunny lives, but has no clue. When Yayoi bumps into a girl, who, by miracles, ends up being Sunny, the two are ready to defeat a villain in no time!



  • Kise Yayoi/Cure Peace
  • Myoudouin Sunny/Cure Sunshine Mirage


  • Candy
  • Pop
  • Bright



Smile Pact - Yayoi's transformation item. She transforms by shouting "Pretty Cure! Smile Charge!"

Shining Mirage Module - Sunny's transform item, which is really her mascot Bright that transforms into the item. She transforms by shouting "Pretty Cure! Let's Mirage!"


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